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Heat up the claypot and add 1 tablespoon of oil. Set aside. 1 litre Drinho Soya Bean Milk 50g Nestle Coffeemate Powder – pre-scooped in a bowl and ready to use 4 flat teaspoons (about 20g) Red Man Instant Jelly Powder (from Phoon Huat) – pre-scooped in a bowl and ready to use Before you start, prepare the ingredients and get the bowls/ containers ready! I got to know this tofu variant through the award-winning eponymous film set in Singapore/Okinawa. I have been using it for my fish soup. Gently place the tofu block in the middle and continue to simmer. Stir-fry for a few minutes, before adding the garlic and cooking for another minute. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Pour the oil into a bowl leaving behind 2 TBsp in the wok. Tofu Pudding Recipe. I just come across your website when searching for tofu recipe. Egg Tofu Extra Smooth Silken W/Omega3 Tube 150g . Our flavors are mostly South-East Asian. Required fields are marked *, Thanks for visiting!! In a small bowl, combine the olive oil, minced garlic, sugar, white pepper, light soy sauce, black vinegar, sesame oil, and toasted sesame seeds.Mix everything together until the sugar is completely dissolved. This cold tofu is so easy and quick to make. Spoon 2-3 TBsp of the garlic oil over the tofu. 1 packet (300 g) silken tofu; 1 tsp grated ginger; 1 tbsp light soy sauce or tamari; 2 tbsp loosely packed bonito flakes; 1 tbsp finely sliced chives or very thin spring onions … Set the oven to 180 º C / 360 º F. Place marinated tofu … After I published the “How to Make Soy Milk” post, many readers asked me to share or doufu hua (豆腐花) or tofu pudding recipe. Mix soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil together. For vegetarian version, substitute bonito flakes with other toppings. Mix soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil together. ... Singapore Cataloguing-in-Publication Data Lim, Emily, 1971-The best recipe for Tofu / Emily Lim ; illustrated by Jade Fang. No oil, no cooking, no messy cleanup. *Recipe requested by a reader, and adapted from Serious Eats! Post a photo on instagram & tag @noobcook + #noobcookrecipe! Toss gently with a spatula and cook, tossing occasionally, until golden all over, about 4 more minutes; season with salt… Next, add the tamari/soy sauce, agave syrup, curry powder, and turmeric. It’s expensive but very soft and no preservative. These recipes are easy to follow and we use only the basic utensils. Refrigerate till cold. This is a no-way-it-can-go-wrong quick dish I make frequently because my hamsters love to eat tofu, kekeke. Even the turkey vultures, usually seen lazily circling in the easy thermals in late afternoon, were mostly resting on lofty branches in the shade. Thanks for sharing so generously! 1st Recipe: Pureed Corn Soup; 2nd Recipe: Cold Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes; 3rd Recipe: Seasonal fruits dressed with ground tofu and sesame; 4th Recipe: Granité of red perilla; 5th Recipe: Deep-fried young ayu with cucumber and melon sauce; 6th Recipe: Kawachi-bankan pomelo jelly; ONLINE STORE Your ham-hams got expensive taste eh. Stir-fry the chopped garlic until aromatic and toss in the ground pork, do a quick stir before adding the mushrooms and the fried bean curd. Meanwhile, heat 2 tablespoons vegetable oil in a large nonstick skillet over high heat. Drain the noodles in a colander and rinse with cold water. All images are my own except where credited. Add the kimchi in as well, also distribute around the tofu. Come join us! That summer afternoon, the heat was weighing down relentlessly. Feb 8, 2020 - Explore Heidi Lerman Duerr's board "Tofu" on Pinterest. Some hawkers also add an egg. Cold Tofu with Spicy Bean Paste can be served as either an appetizer or as an accompaniment to steamed white rice. Top the tofu with bonito flakes and chopped spring onions. Please accord full and clear credit if using or linking to any material. In a wok, add 100 ml of oil and turn heat to high. With its soft and smooth texture, silken tofu is ideal for soups, shakes, salad dressings and desserts. Top with bonito flakes, green onion and ginger. It really takes just 10 minutes to assemble. Finely chop the white parts, then cut green parts into 1-inch sections. Finally add in the napa cabbage, also around … See Notes in recipe for more options including vegetarian substitutions. In cooler weather, I would go with a warmer dish, steaming the tofu and topping it with something hot like Steamed Tofu with Ground Pork and Gogi Berries or the very popular Mapo Tofu. Your hams are spoilt. Remove from pan and set aside, then continue with recipe as instructed. I happened to have bonito flakes lying around but it’s easily substituted with a teaspoon of salmon roe, salted duck egg yolk (an up-and-coming favorite in Singapore these days it seems), toasted sesame seeds, chopped salted peanuts, or just a generous bunch of chopped or ribboned green onions. Hi! Unicurd™ Springy Silken Tofu range has a rich beany taste as it is made from 100% premium Soya beans*. Recipe: Make This Protein-Rich Egg Tofu Dish | Shape Singapore $9.95 Rice vermicelli noodles are more traditional and bean thread noodles are also more similar to what would be used in Singapore. This will guarantee that your carrots stay bright orange and your peppers stay bright green. ;), Woah.. jap tofu. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. An Okinawan specialty tofu of peanuts, thickened with kudzu and sweet potato starch. In a hot wok coated well with oil, stir fry ginger, scallions and garlic. Never tried before. Add tofu back in with vegetables in step 7. Theme by, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Contrast of minty green and richly red, a reflecti, Our easy @bruschetta is the perfect refreshing sum, #Salmon is so versatile and forgiving. Vegetable Singapore noodles are super easy to make with curried rice vermicelli, pan-seared tofu and a rainbow of veggies. Am really interested to try those Japanese tofu you mentioned. Tofu ranks high on my list of pantry staples. What I needed was something cold and preferably quick to make. Remove tofu from carton and rinse gently. Tried a recipe from Noob Cook? No heating up the stove and stoking the fire, so to speak. The best parts (my grammar teacher may remind me that the superlative of good describes a singular noun but hear me out) are how versatile it is and how easy it is to make a meal of tofu. At night, Tofu returned home to cold meals. Vegetable Singapore noodles is a favourite in my house because of its simplicity and versatility. Spring onions, chopped Cook for a couple of minutes, then … The Singapore version The vermicelli is presoaked in water, drained and set aside. Top with bonito flakes, green onion and … Directions Drain the veggies in a colander and then throw them into a bowl of ice water. Talk about having an acute sense of taste, like Remy in Ratatouille (but used for eating and not cooking o_O”), Next time, I’ll try making agedeshi tofu ;p, 1 piece of Japanese tofu, 200g Size: 150PKT. … Cook within 48 hours and store refrigerated See more ideas about Tofu, Recipes, Vegetarian recipes. Once you transfer the tofu to a baking tray, mix in 1 tbsp of sesame oil to the marinade/dressing liquid. My brother-in-law used to make this dish back when I was in Singapore… So I think they are worth the price difference (about 4-6 times?) I saw those tofu in Meidi-ya. Very ex leh! Directions Steam tofu for 5 minutes [Note: Many types of Japanese tofu can be eaten raw – see package instructions, but I still prefer to steam them briefly.] Learn how your comment data is processed. But the price is like so ex…, Your email address will not be published. A perfect appetizer or side dish for the dog days of summer. Dilute 1 tsp of soba/tempura sauce with water to suit your taste & pour mixture over the tofu. Drizzle the dark soya sauce over the tofu, followed by the light sauce and sesame oil. Refrigerate till cold. Pat tofu dry with kitchen towels. Steam tofu for 5 minutes [Note: Many types of Japanese tofu can be eaten raw – see package instructions, but I still prefer to steam them briefly.] Easy home cooked meals from San Francisco to Singapore, the hearts of dogs, and life at large. Unicurd™ Springy Silken Tofu range has 25% more calcium than regular Tofu. Hi, I read your recipes with interest and will be trying out some. lol, Pingback: Spicy Minced Meat with Tofu and Mushrooms | For a vegan version, you could use vegan noodles instead of egg noodles. A quick and easy dish perfect for a weeknight dinner! I agree, I also like Meidi-ya tofu. We are a Singaporean-Straits-Chinese family, cozying between California and our native island Singapore! Ingredients (Serves 2) 1 piece of Japanese tofu, 200g 1 tsp of soba/tempura sauce (or substitute with light soy sauce) Spring onions, chopped Bonito flakes. If these top predators decided it’s too warm to hunt, who am I to disagree? © Ginger and Cilantro, 2013-2019. Separate the white and green parts of the green onions. Your email address will not be published. Serve with brown sugar syrup for a creme caramel-like dessert! Marinate shrimp and sliced chicken together in soy sauce, wine, cornstarch and white pepper for 20 minutes. Singapore Noodles (Singapore Mei Fun) a Popular Takeout Recipe … and adding testimonials to this, my 2 partners-in-crime hamsters – ever the food critic – seems to prefer Japanese tofu too because they always finish the Japanese tofu but this is not always the case if I feed them local tofu. I used to add bunashimeji and boil it in soy sauce + mirin and pour it on top of the tofu. Remove tofu from carton and rinse gently. There are always 2 or 3 packages in my cart on every grocery run. This is a great dish for the hot summertime. Bonito flakes. In a serving bowl, … Crunchy veg, smooth noodles and soft tofu, combined with a sweet and spicy sauce, from Good Food Magazine. Do check out the recipes gallery for cooking inspiration. Wash the vegetables and dry off any excess water. About good-tasting tofu, have you tried Unicurd organic tofu? Simmer at low heat for 8-10 mins. Add in the pork belly slices and arrange them around the tofu block. The shelter dogs that I were walking were lethargic and listless, and these furry love-dispensers are always excited to be out by the bay. Full-, Steamed Tofu with Ground Pork and Gogi Berries, 6 Easy Chicken Curry Recipes for Every Mood, 2 Tbsp bonito flakes (see Notes for vegetarian options). Put in refrigerator for 8 hours or immerse sealed package in cold water until thawed. Anything goes here. Lastly, place the crispy garlic on top of the tofu and serve … 1 tsp of soba/tempura sauce (or substitute with light soy sauce) It makes a delicious breakfast. A perfect appetizer or side dish for the dog days of summer. Add the tofu in a single layer and cook, undisturbed, until golden on the bottom, about 4 minutes. Shake off the excess flour and slowly add the tofu in small batches to deep fry until golden brown. The hawker will saute some chopped garlic and onion with vegetable oil or lard, then stir-fried with a few shrimps, squid, and meat. It took just 10 minutes to assemble. Transfer on a plate line with kitchen towel to drain off excess oil. Siddhi's recipe is very simple and calls for just noodles and vegetables cooked in a chili garlic sauce with curry powder. Drizzle sauce over tofu. We recreate heritage recipes passed between family, friends and generations, and some of our own. Cold Tofu. What’s your favorite summer quick-fix meal? Nothing fancy, just good food. (Read more about ...). It's also f, Easy, warm #halloumi slices and #toasted bun, Sometimes a quick and easy, fuss-free #dessert is, Indian-inspired Crispy #Okra with a medley of eart, Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day with th, Versatile pea shoots are the best way to eat your, Hearty Pork Stew to chase away winter blues. I have never made doufu hua before, as I always thought the recipe is hard and fail-prone.. Now that I have made this homemade tofu pudding, I can assure you that this recipe is so easy to make at home. Often, she longed for better days. This tofu dish is so easy and quick to make. Sauté for 3-4 minutes, stirring frequently, until sauce has absorbed and the tofu is very hot and somewhat glazed. Tofu is cooperative and forgiving. Spicy Minced Meat with Tofu and Mushrooms |, Bento: Bacon, Pea Shoots, Egg, Gyoza & Pasta. As testament to its versatility, tofu holds up in hot and cold preparations. Cold tofu with prawns and hot-sour dressing recipe : SBS Food – Singapore : Ministry of Social and Family Development, c2013. Do not throw the marinade afterwards as it doubles up as a salad dressing. For some strange reason, although Japanese tofu is firm (it doesn’t break apart when you handle them), the texture when you bite into it is soft & creamy. I use only Japanese tofu (I got them from Isetan Shaw House or Meidi-ya in SG) because they are better, tastier & healthier. Julienne the vegetables, and toss everything in a large mixing bowl, along with the shredded five-spiced tofu..

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